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View and validate PDF digital signatures as well as those belonging to other file types in a simple, fast and comprehensive manner.

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Aloaha Sign Description

Aloaha Sign is a software solution that allows you to validate digital signatures of certain document formats.

With it you can easily validate PKCS #7, XMLDSIG, PDF (PKCS #1, PKCS#7), P7M and D2D file types. The application uses the OCSP, as well as the online and offline revocation checks protocols for validation.

Aloaha Sign is a tool which allows you to make sure that all the files you send to business associates or similar types of contacts end up at their destinations the same way they left, unchanged. You can use it to validate PDF documents that contain important reports, encrypted emails or any type of data that can be accessed through the use of a URL.

The application displays a user-friendly interface which enables you to easily load the files for which you need to validate the signatures. Aloaha Sign allows you to preview the content of the file before you validate it. As far as PDFs go, you can zoom in and out, go to a certain page and even print it.

Aloaha Sign enables you to sign almost any type of file using a native supported smart card. You are able to edit certificate settings as well as the signature appearance. The latter can be easily modified simply by typing in text. You can also toggle to use a picture signature and apply transparency.

All the changes that you make can be saved as templates so next time you encounter or need to use the same document type you won’t have to reconfigure the certificate or edit the signature. In case you need to, it’s also possible to view the files in their original form, source and ASCII format.

In closing, if you’re ever in need of a quick and reliable way of validating digital signatures for just about any file format, you can try Aloaha Sign.

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