Powerful data synchronization and backup software solution that features various profile customization and data filtering options.

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AllSync Description

AllSync is a full-featured backup and synchronization utility that can be used on local workstations, as well as small networks. With customizable file copy options, it enables users to securely backup their important files and folders.

Simple and incremental backups, folder sync and comparison

AllSync relies on so-called ‘copy profiles’, which are, actually, backup tasks that can be configured and launched periodically to ensure data stays in sync. Users can edit the copy mode, direction and rules to apply, as well as define how ocurring conflicts will be managed by a profile.

Several copy modes are available. You can instruct AllSync to create 1:1 copies of the source folders or files, perform incremental backups (only changed and new items are migrated), only copy specific files and directories, synchronize locations, or compare folders.

Apply copy rules and filter data, compress and protect backup archives

There are other rules that can be applied. For instance, you can configure AllSync to move the source file or apply certain filters to select the content to migrate. The application also comes with rules for file deletion and overwriting actions, also providing a plethora of options for managing file conflicts, which should cover all the possible situations.

To save storage space, AllSync can compress copied files or split the backup folder into several archives. For security reasons, it can also encrypt the backup archive and create a backup of items that are erased or overwritten, so as to avoid accidental data loss.

Backup or sync operations that AllSync undertakes are neatly displayed in a report.The action logs are presented in detail, which enables the user to trace errors and find what caused them.

Convenient backup and sync solution for all users

With integrated scheduling capabilities in the Professional and up editions, AllSync makes it possible for all users to keep their data in sync at all times and create secure backups for important folders.

For the user’s convenience, shortcuts can be created on the desktop, in the startup folder or on the quick launch bar for any profile. This means that you can initiate a new backup or sync task with just a few clicks.

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