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Convert multiple PDF files to Word, Excel, image, HTML, Epub, TXT, and XML with options to convert pages to individual files or a single document.

  • All PDF Converter
  • Version:2.4.6
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:WonderfulShare

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All PDF Converter Description

A large amount of content can be found under the PDF format, which is quite secure and rather difficult to modify. On the bright side of things, such files can be converted to other formats which suit your needs better, and All PDF Converter is the type of application which can easily perform the conversion.

Convert one or more PDF files

The application takes little time to install and you get to check out the set of features before you realize. The interface is intuitive, with most of the space showing added files for conversion, a side panel for quick selection of the output format, as well as a bottom section to specify output location and manage settings.

Needless to say that the only file you’re able to import is PDF. Multiple files can be included for a process, either through a drag and drop operation or relying on the browse dialog. Once added, files are enlisted in the main window along with info like name, path, protection state, total pages, and pages to convert.

Choose and configure output format

By default the application converts the entire document, but you can easily specify a custom range for each document. Files can also be unprotected by providing the appropriate password. Don’t forget to select the desired output format before conversion, which can be to Word, Excel, image, HTML, Epub, TXT, and XML.

Conversion is done to a location of choice or in the same folder. Accessing the settings panel allows you to manage a few output options related to some formats. You can set conversion to create a single document or individual items for each page, as well as the image format, which can be JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and EMFF.

In conclusion

All in all, All PDF Converter is a reliable application which can turn your PDF files into a more malleable format. The operation only requires you to add files and select the format of interest, with the possibility to set page range and convert to either individual output files or a single one.

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