AKVIS Noise Buster

Noise suppression on digital and scanned images becomes a very simple task when you take advantage of the features provided by this application.

  • AKVIS Noise Buster
  • Version :10.2.2958.14844-o
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :AKVIS

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AKVIS Noise Buster Description

Photography enthusiasts and professionals alike are well aware of the unwanted effects noise induces in photographs. Unfortunately, most software suites that offer noise reduction capabilities are quite sophisticated for average users. AKVIS Noise Buster, however, is here to provide a more accessible solution for eliminating noise from digital images. It will offer people with a straightforward package that promotes an easy handling and efficient noise suppression.

Elegant interface that reminds of more complex graphics suites, but which retains ease-of-use

AKVIS Noise Buster presents users with an attractive interface that might resemble more advanced graphics editing packages. However, its handling is quite straightforward, as it features numerous quick-access commands that offer prompt feedback and efficient operation.

One will be able to load the preferred images quickly and fortunately, the application does support drag-and-dropping. The loaded images can be handled with ease and the smooth sliders for different noise types reduction ensure a quick and enjoyable editing process.

Enhance your photographs by removing luminance/color noise and moire, with this efficient utility

Users will be able to perform the noise suppression process both manually, using the provided sliders (that also support manual numeric input) or the presets for different denoising procedures. Once a predefined noise reduction filter has been applied, people will be able to customize it even more and save it for further use.

Looking on the downside of things, AKVIS Noise Buster doesn’t have too many drawbacks and those who might notice small glitches are experienced users. For instance, the processing speed for mid-resolution images and mild noise reduction settings was quite slow in our tests, but this can vary depending on users’ system configuration.

Intuitive noise-reduction utility that will surely help users clear their photographs of unwanted noise

This application addresses those who seek an accessible tool for removing noise in digital images. For those who wish to avoid resorting to complex graphics suites, AKVIS Noise Buster will provide a far more accessible solution for such tasks. Featuring an elegant interface and seemingly familiar sliders and buttons, it ensures a smooth image processing, with minimal effort or configuration.

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