An image editor designed for portraits, allowing users to enhance the photo quality by tampering with lighting and applying different effects.

  • AKVIS MakeUp
  • Version :4.0.547.14313-r
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :AKVIS

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AKVIS MakeUp Description

AKVIS MakeUp is a software application useful for improving portraits and adding glamour to photos with the help of effects and different presets, resulting in a more professional look.

Retouching small skin defects, giving a cleaner look and creating artistic images with AKVIS MakeUp is a simple task.

Unlike other more complex applications, this one is very simple to use with intuitive commands for tweaking and adding colors to pictures.

Very simple to use

The software application is easy to use: you just browse and load your favorite picture, then click the “Run” button to start the process.

A manual editing mode is also made available and lets you use controls for smoothing, correction and different effects for a cleaner looking picture.

Simple controls

Adjusting sharpness, brightness, contrast, hue and saturation is a simple task and can be done by anyone.

The photo smoothing feature has parameters like “Force”, “Detail” and “Fade”, which help improve the look and feel of the skin in the picture.

The program has a “Tone Mask” feature, with options for auto and manual,¬†along with different background capabilities to better suit the user’s creation needs.

Presets available

AKVIS MakeUp lets you play with options like “Density”, “Color Range” and “Feathering” or just apply one of the many presets available to change the look instantly.

If you care for details, the zoom option is perfect. Allowing custom values, drag slider to specific dimensions and fit image to screen, the program is perfect if you need the edited image to look perfect.

The software has two working modes, “Express” and “Advanced”.

The first one lets you use smoothing parameters, while the second one unlocks more options.

Nice features

Other features include “Teeth Whitening”, “Red Eye Removal” and the “Blur” tool.

Other features include printing pictures, viewing program information and editing the preferences.


All things considered, AKVIS MakeUp has a simple user interface that makes editing pictures and applying different effects to portraits available to everyone, even if they don’t know advanced picture manipulation.

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