Keep yourself organized with this user-friendly and lightweight task manager that also comes with support for the Markdown language.

  • Akiee
  • Version :0.0.4
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Marco Laspe

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Akiee Description

Akiee is a task manager that aims to be a bit different than most other such as apps. It mainly stands out from the crowd by being a Markdown-based task manager, hence, it does not rely on complicated databases or other types of non-accessible formats to save your tasks.

Other than the fact that it conveniently stores your notes and tasks in Markdown files, this cross-platform application is well worth your attention for the strength of its utter simplicity.

Store and organize tasks with the least amount of effort

For starters, your tasks can be organized in three main and self-explanatory sections (or can have three states, if you will) as follows: TODO, DOING, and DONE. You will also find that things are quite straightforward when it comes to task privatization, as you can only define a clear ranking of tasks by ordering them accordingly – the most important ones at the top.

As expected, you can also create planned tasks with due dates, and better organize them with the help of tags. It almost goes without saying that the application also allows you to add various details and notes to your tasks. Another interesting aspect stems from the fact that Akiee offers two more view modes (apart from the default one), namely a Board View and a Code view. Last but not least, from the app’s main menu, click the Task Statistics option and you are instantly provided with the total number of tasks and their locations on your computer’s hard disk.

Simplistic and somewhat different task manager for the pragmatic users out there

All in all, Akiee is a fairly minimalist task manager that is mainly intended for home users. It boasts a simple set of intuitive features, it saves your tasks in Markdown files (and directly to your Dropbox, if you want), and it’s incredibly straightforward in almost all respects.

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