Play MP3s with this lightweight and straightforward application that allows you to load multiple files and view their metadata information.

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AirMusic Description

AirMusic is meant to help users in playing their favorite melodies in a clean environment. The software features several built-in backgrounds which really add a distinctive note.

Can load single or multiple music source locations

Loading files is very simple: simply navigate to the “Settings” window and choose the folders to be used. The ability to load multiple directories can come very handy when songs are spread all over the disk. Once selected, the tool automatically extracts all valid files.

This being said, users should note that only MP3 tracks will be processed! This might explain why some tracks will not feature in the main list. However, this downside should not be overstated, as the supported format is the standard for songs, anyway.

A nice function is the context menu, that allows users to issue commands to the player from the main window. This includes the option to toggle song repeating.

One notable feature is the playback speed slidebar, located in the “Settings” window. Input values range from 25% to 500% of the source file playback tempo.

A beautiful GUI to go with the music

The interface is well-suited for the task at hand. There very few buttons to use and no menus or tabs. And none are really required!

The default background can be adjusted by choosing one of the five built-in options. The pictures are abstract-themed and really improve the user-experience.

The player features all the standard options (play, pause, repeat, next or previous tracks) and can be run in fullscreen. One of the interesting features is the ability to display the file metadata, complete with the accompanying thumbnail (if available).

A simple and efficient resource

All in all, AirMusic is a great MP3 player. There are very few options to tweak or play around with. But, for all intents and purposes, little customization is needed. Anyone looking for a simple and easy to use audio player will find that this utility does the job wonderfully!

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