Browse the Internet, save your favorite pages to the bookmarks collection, view the visited URLs in the History or create scripts with the WebBuilder.

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AirBrowse Description

AirBrowse is a reliable, feature-packed application that facilitates navigating the Internet. The program allows you to save your favorite websites in the bookmark list, view the visited URLs in the History or open several addresses in separate tabs. Moreover, the built-in WebBuilder allows you to generate scripts.

Reliable and easy to use application

AirBrowse is a powerful Internet navigation tool, which offers you a large variety of tools, such as the possibility of adding bookmarks, view history or manage downloaded content. Moreover, it supports customization through several extensions, apps or themes. The software is built on the Chromium engine, which ensures powerful rendering capabilities.

The application allows you to open several websites at the same time, in a single window, in separate tabs, then easily switch between them. Moreover, you can customize the home page or use the default screen, with multiple shortcuts to the most visited websites. You can even change the default searching engine or download path.

WebBuilder and browsing data

AirBrowse is capable of saving your passwords, in order to facilitate logging in to various accounts. You may enable auto-complete and security options, such as block pop-up windows or display warnings for untrusted websites. The program prompts you to set these options in the Welcome menu, however, you can easily click Skip and configure them later, from the Settings window.

The browser allows you to quickly clear cookies, history entries, cache, saved passwords, downloads or erase the list of favorites and themes. Moreover, you can set a master password and limit the access to AirBrowse.

The WebBuilder is a comprehensive text editor, designed for creating HTML scripts. The AirBrowse component features a quick compiler, which allows you to view the results of coding in real time.

Feature rich Internet browser

Aside from the convenience features that AirBrowse offers, this reliable application can be customized through various extensions or apps. The browser features an AppCenter, which allows you to manage the installed components, a download monitoring tool, as well as a collection of themes, for customizing the interface.

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