AIM – Accident and Investigation Management

A useful and very compressive computer program that allows you to manage and oversee any kind of work related incident that appears in a company.

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AIM – Accident and Investigation Management Description

As an accident inspector or simply an employee tasked with keeping a record with all the accidents from a certain work environment you might need all the help you can get as these things are never quite pleasant and surely not simple.

To make your aid comes AIM – Accident and Investigation Management, a software solution designed from the ground up to help you keep track of safety responsibilities and ultimately reduce the accident risk for both employees and employers.

Subsequent to its installation and upon first opening AIM – Accident and Investigation Management, the application greets you with a streamlined and professional-looking main window.

User-friendly interface and modern looks

Both novice and more advanced users have reasons to be satisfied since the word practical is the best term to describe the overall interface. The element that stands out right from the get-go is, of course, the ribbon toolbar.

The main advantage of working with a ribbon toolbar is the fact that you have instant access to the app’s large set of features, without ever feeling that the main window is over-crowded. In a few words, you can easily start working with the app towards the goal of making accident investigations much simpler.

Reports, charts and statistics about company accidents with just a few mouse clicks

As expected, the program makes it possible for you to manage entire accident processes with all the necessary bureaucratic work. This said, the app is well-versed when it comes to helping you design comprehensive reports, of both statistical and analytical nature.

For example, you can manage all accidents between certain dates, by location or accidents where employee, staff groups and managers are involved. That is not all, as AIM – Accident and Investigation Management can also help you create charts., for a better overview of the safety conditions within the working environment.

Statistical charts by accidents, incidents or near-miss accidents and charts for accidents that involve both managers and staff groups, these are all part of the application’s repertoire.

A safety professional’s side-kick

To conclude, AIM – Accident and Investigation Management is a pragmatic and very useful piece of software that makes the lives of accident inspectors or employees tasked with the safety of working environments a lot easier.

Trying to maintain an accident-free working environment is surely not a walk in the park, but at least now you can manage the data from under a single roof, gain a better perspective over what caused them and, hopefully, reduce the risk of accidents to a bare minimum.

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