Aidfile Recovery

A lightweight and reliable application that can help you restore deleted files, partitions, hard drive disks and external devices.

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Aidfile Recovery Description

Aidfile Recovery is an application that attempts to recover files that have been deleted accidentally or that belonged to a partition which has been formatted. It can deal with all types of content and features support for Flash drives, SD cards, external HDDs and USB devices.

An intuitive and organized interface

The program adopts a clean design that takes very little time to understand. It relies on various scan modes that are carried out via step-by step wizards which provide guidance concerning usage.

Each scan scenario is accompanied by a short description that can be triggered by hovering the mouse over the corresponding icon. However, some of the tips contain spelling mistakes and because of this, understanding them can be a challenge.

Four different scan and recovery schemas

As explained in the previous section, the program can carry out several types of scans, as follows: Undelete Quick that restores deleted files, Unformat Quick for recovering items from formatted partitions, Full Scan for a more in-depth search process and Recover Partition Quick that can get back data that has been erased during repartitioning, for instance.

All of these schemas will conduct an analysis of the selected drive and will display the items that are recoverable, with preview functions for various formats. The decision of what should be recovered is up to you.

Value on the software market

The program does provide a decent set of recovery features, but falls short of options for recovering content from optical media or mobile devices, as we’ve seen in similar software. For the price it’s currently sold at, it could do a lot better.

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