Aid4Mail eDiscovery

Extract messages, headers or attachments from email accounts with this comprehensive application that supports most webmail or email clients.

  • Aid4Mail eDiscovery
  • Version:4.5 Build 278
  • License :Demo
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Fookes Software

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Aid4Mail eDiscovery Description

Email providers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but a basic distinction between them can be made concerning their working environment – webmail and local email clients. Aid4Mail eDiscovery makes no essential difference between the two types and allows users to issue basic or complex extraction operations from either.

Compatible with Gmail, Yahoo! Mail or Outlook

More specifically, the application is compatible with most popular providers, including Microsoft Exchange or Outlook or webmail IMAP accounts (Gmail, Yahoo! Mail). As expected some requirements must be observed for certain clients, such as valid credentials or a working Internet connection.

Barring these issues, once provided with correct input parameters the program can connect to the third party entities and extract selected messages, complete with their corresponding attachments (if any). Date masks can be defined and emails can be filtered by employing keywords; what’s more, one can discard certain folders from the process.

Can transfer items between clients, as well as convert them to local documents

Destination targets follow along the same lines, which means that the program can quickly transfer items from one account to another, or just convert messages to locally stored EMLs, CSVs, and HTMLs. One of the great features of the utility is that it features built-in connection parameters – such as IMAP settings for most popular providers, thus eliminating the need for tedious Internet searches.

This setup ensures newcomers will not have a hard time adjusting to the tool; however, advanced users can tweak the settings to improve their experience, as one can adjust how MAPI headers are processed and TNEF converters can be employed.

All in all, a powerful resource for quickly transferring selected messages from one provider to another

All things considered, Aid4Mail eDiscovery provides mail users with an adequate data migration tool. The application is compatible with most popular email providers, including web or locally-based ones and selective extraction processes are allowed.

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