IP network management, monitoring and device supervision solutions for enterprise servers, in a comprehensive application bundle.

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AggreGate Description

AggreGate is a reliable solution for network monitoring, audit and device supervising, suitable for large server infrastructures. The application is designed as an IP network management solution for companies and enterprises; it is capable of monitoring traffic, permissions, performance or compliance policies for the entire network.

Managing a multitude of stations from one dashboard

AggreGate features both a desktop client, which allows you to access its functions and manage the subordinate stations, as well as a browser-based control panel. Its purpose is to aggregate the device data that it records into a common database, where you can analyze and handle it according to your requirements.

The program can monitor the entire server, with focus on specific segments or devices. You can thus control stations, device groups, compliance policies, events, IP SLA, queries or centralized data. Moreover, you can supervise scheduled jobs, trackers, widgets, auto run applications, models, scripts, users or drivers/plugins.

Administrate the devices in your server with ease

Not only can AggreGate monitor every device connected to the server, but it can also generate and export detailed reports. You can manually select the contexts you wish to insert in the servers, such as AB Client Sessions, database operations, DRA traffic, searches, errors, idle processes or Directory operations.

You may also control or modify user permissions, centralize data, monitor scheduled events and manage local groups, from a comprehensive dashboard. Moreover, you can easily configure server parameters, such as server instance descriptions, time zone, IP address, host name, user registration, data folder or enable dynamic DNS updates.

Control events and alerts

Each instance you manage is displayed with a corresponding indicator, that marks its status. You can view notices, general information, warnings, errors or fatal situations. AggreGate offers you an extensive overview of the traffic, access, devices or groups on the server you are administrating. This complex network management solution also allows you to stay up to date with the status, activity and users.

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