AFPLookup Complete

Analyze AFP data streams, preview documents, save analysis info to file, as well as extract embedded objects and other sources to file.

  • AFPLookup Complete
  • Version:3.8.10
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:CRE-DO GmbH

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AFPLookup Complete Description

AFPLookup Complete is an application dedicated to users who wish to thoroughly analyze AFP (Advanced Function Presentation) data streams with the aid of an intuitive interface. It features a hex editor, reveals any error messages, and can extract resources to file.

Analyze AFP data streams in a user-friendly interface

Following a speedy setup operation that shouldn’t give you any trouble, you’re welcomed by a user-friendly interface that resembles a text editor, where you can get started by opening an .afp-formatted file with the help of the built-in file navigator. Up to 70 built-in code pages are supported, along with UTF-8 document format (Unicode), SVG, PCL, PS (PostScript) and PDF.

AFPLookup Complete shows the resource lists and documents in a tree view so you can easily select the items you’re interested in viewing. In addition to showing a preview of the document (AFPDS module), you can view properties (e.g. structured field, start byte, length) as well as view and edit the native structured field representation via hex.

Save analysis details and extract resources

The text dump with analysis info can be saved to file in TXT format (even in batch mode) while the embedded objects and other resources can be extracted to any preferred place on the disk. Furthermore, you can resort to a search function capable of finding NOPs or TLEs only, remove comments from the AFP file, and view warning or error messages.

Multiple languages are supported for the interface and you can pick the preferred one. Moreover, you can change the default code page, hide NOP and TLE contents from the tree view, add resource libraries to the preview, hide the hex viewer, and so on.

Approachable AFP analyzer

The software utility worked smoothly on Windows 10 in our tests. It loaded information quickly while remaining light on system resources consumption.

All aspects considered, AFPLookup Complete offers a simple solution for anyone interested in investigating AFP data streams. There are multiple versions of AFPLookup available and this is the complete one. Two more are put at the disposal of users interested in a less expensive products with fewer features: AFPLookup Professional and AFPLookup Complete Light.

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