A useful program that will make it more easy anyone to establish a remote desktop connection with another computer running the same app.

  • Aeroadmin
  • Version: 4.3 Build 2867
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Aeroadmin LLC

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Aeroadmin Description

Connecting to a PC from a remote location to access some files or simply view the desktop and the ongoing activity usually requires a specialized set of tools. The matter of credentials that are required in order to access some workstations may arise, but there are solutions that can make the whole process much more simple and Aeroadmin is one such application.

Create connections from a friendly interface

This program has a great advantage over many similar utilities, namely the fact that it runs as is, no installation or configuration necessary. What’s more, the GUI is really easy to understand and use, so even less experienced users should have no problems in operating Aeroadmin.

Once a remote connection is established, the desktop of computer to which you are linked will appear in a separate window, allowing you to view or control that system, depending on the type of connection.

Basic set of features and customizations

When trying to reach a remote host, there is nothing for you to configure since all you have to do is provide the ID of the machine you are trying to connect to and choose if you want to use the ‘View only’ mode or the ‘Remote control’ one.

Insofar as the target PC is concerned, when a connection request is received by Aeroadmin, the user can accept or reject it and set the access rights in case the connection is allowed. Thus, it is possible to allow mouse and keyboard control, clipboard synchronization as well as viewing the screen.

A fast and simple method of accessing remote computers

Besides some occasional glitches that are mostly related to the delay with which a command is sent to the remote host, Aeroadmin seems a decent tool. The image quality when viewing the remote desktop can also be no more than acceptable, but overall the application does its job quite well.

AeroAdmin Video Guide

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