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Protect your computer against unwanted access by turning to this lightweight application that can help you achieve quick, satisfactory results.

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AE Protector Description

If you work on a computer in a crowded environment, you might want to consider protecting your system against unwanted access by any means possible.

Fortunately, nowadays there is a wide variety of tools that can help you achieve quick, efficient results with no significant effort. One of these utilities is AE Protector.

Please be aware that this program requires you to have .NET Framework installed on your computer so that it can function as intended.

Hassle-free installation

Setting up this application on your computer can be done in an easy way since no additional configuration is required on your part.

You just need to accept the End-User Agreement and follow the on-screen instructions, since the installer automatically deploys the tool to a default destination and generates a desktop shortcut.

Non-complicated design

AE Protector packs a smooth, user-friendly interface that integrates a handful of straightforward functions, thus making it highly accessible to a broad range of users, regardless of their PC skills.

When you first launch it, you are required to define a password and a safety word by typing them in the designated field. The password can also be changed from the main window if needed.

Lock your computer efficiently

This program can help you prevent others from accessing your system by locking your screen. Others can still see your screen, since the lockdown layer is transparent, but cannot access anything underneath unless they provide the application with a valid passkey.

Additionally, you can set the program to run on startup and also automatically launch upon restart in case anyone reboots your computer in order to bypass the limitation.

Lightweight, yet efficient system lockdown utility

To wrap it up, AE Protector is a handy application that can help you protect your computer against unwanted access by locking your screen. It comes with a simple, smooth user interface and encompasses accessible functions, thus proving itself to be highly simplistic without sacrificing efficiency.

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