Edit your videos in order to include annotations of various types, with options to export and analyze annotation packages even without associated video files.

  • Advene
  • Version:1.0.3
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Olivier Aubert

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Advene Description

Video files aren’t just used for entertainment, and can contain complex menus and explanations to serve presentations and other types of activities. Needless to say that you can include all necessary info with the right set of tools, and Advene comes with the means to help you add annotations, and even share packages with other individuals.

Start from an existing video

As far as the visual design is concerned, the application pretty much resembles an advanced video editing tool. A preview section lets you snoop through content, while the lower section is a timeline on which you get to place items of various types and arrange them to show up at just the right time.

Annotations can be stand-alone packages, but you’re recommended to associate projects with an existing video files. This can either be from your local storage drive, DVD, or video stream. Depending on what you need to perform, objects you can add include plain text content, HTML content, simple-structured content, list of numeric values, as well as SVG graphics content.

Export and analyze annotation packages even without video files

Each type of item can be associated with an existing, basic schema, or a new one you create on the spot. Each object can be edited in its own window. A double-click operation brings up the dedicated panel, with the possibility to define the time interval, as well as add and customize content in a unique field, depending on the type.

Bookmarks can be included in a project, and are browsed in a tree list. Multiple types of view options are at your disposal. You can choose to export individual packages and share with others, while the original video is not necessarily required for annotation analysis. Exporting can be done locally, or to your website.

A few last words

To sum it up, Advene comes as an advanced video editor with focus on creating and editing annotations. Multiple object types can be created and added, with the possibility to simply export the annotation package, or the prepared video.

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