Advanced Task Scheduler

A powerful application that enables users to easily schedule a wide range of tasks to run on their PCs, without direct interaction.

  • Advanced Task Scheduler
  • Version : 4.5 Build 616
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Southsoftware Inc

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Advanced Task Scheduler Description

Advanced Task Scheduler is a piece of software that allows you to schedule tasks to be performed on your computer at specific times.

Schedule tasks at ease

The tool comes with a comprehensive set of supported tasks, ranging from launching applications or opening documents to running scripts, copying files or shutting down the PC.

You can define new tasks by running the integrated wizard, which enables you to name the task, to choose the action you want to be performed, along with the start and end time or repeat frequency, and to select for which the users a task should run.

New actions can also be defined by clicking on the “Add new task to the list” button on the upper side of the application’s window.

The application lists all of the already defined entries, and also allows you to edit their properties or to delete them. At the same time, you can duplicate or disable tasks.

Group tasks for increased efficiency

In the event that you schedule a wide range of tasks and that many of them involve actions that are somehow related, you can group them into categories, for better management. The program also allows you to view statistics on the various type of tasks that can be defined in it.

Should you want to run a task immediately, provided that it is long due, the application allows you to do so. Moreover, it can also show an execution log for the already performed tasks.

You can also print the entire list of scheduled tasks directly from the application, and you can set the tool to run at system start up, thus ensuring that all of the already defined actions are performed as scheduled.

An easy-to-use task scheduler

All in all, Advanced Task Scheduler is an easy-to-use application, courtesy of a simple interface and intuitive functions, which makes it suitable even for beginners. It comes with support for a multitude of actions and also provides you with a variety of management options.

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