Advanced Task Scheduler Network

A complex software application designed to help users create and schedule numerous tasks for computers connected to the same network.

  • Advanced Task Scheduler Network
  • Version:4.5 Build 616
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Southsoftware Inc

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Advanced Task Scheduler Network Description

Big companies have multiple offices in different parts of the world, but that does not mean that each computer is operated by an individual worker. Tasks can be performed from a different computer across the world and scheduled at a particular time. Advanced Task Scheduler Network is a software designed to handle client / server tasks and manage them remotely.

A simple installation process and a basic interface

The application has minimal system requirements and does not hamper the user with a lot of variables while installing. The interface is simple and designed for functionality rather than appearances. Its features are organized into several menus and users can preview all the tasks for a group right from the main window.

Advanced Task Scheduler Network is designed for IT departments and professionals as a solution for managing scheduled tasks. It adapts to a variety of network environments by scheduling tasks from servers to workstations as well as the other way around.

Schedule tasks on computers and servers alike

The application allows an unlimited number of clients to connect to a server via encrypted connections. This allows businesses to keep their data and computers safe from various threats. Moreover, a task can be scheduled multiple times, and each job supports several shortcuts. This means complex operations can be completed.

Specific programs can be launched with the help of this software. Web browsing is also possible via commands, and SQL queries can be carried out. There is a significant amount of functionality.

A complex application with good value for money

In conclusion, this piece of software is a professional grade application that offers above average features. The functionality is undeniable, and businesses can make good use of it. During testing, the application did not crash or display any errors. Overall, Advanced Task Scheduler Network is worth a try.

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