Advanced System Font Changer

Customize the font style and size in Windows when it comes to the title bar, menu, message box and other elements using this application.

  • Advanced System Font Changer
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  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Peter Panisz

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Advanced System Font Changer Description

Advanced System Font Changer is a nifty little application that brings more control to font customization settings in Windows when compared to its predecessor, System Font Size Changer. It was initially released to give users the possibility to control the OS font in Windows 10 Creators Update.

While System Font Size Changer can be used to change the size of certain OS elements, such as title bar and message boxes, its successor can also modify the font style and script. Plus, it has customization settings for additional elements, like menu or scroll height.

Control the font type and size in Windows

Installation isn’t necessary, so you can double-click the downloaded .exe to reach the main app window right away as well as keep it stored to a USB flash drive to be able to quickly tinker with system settings on any PC when you’re on the move. If you experience startup or runtime errors, make sure that .NET Framework is enabled on your PC.

At startup, it asks whether or not to save your current registry settings to file (metrics). This is a good idea if you wish to easily revert to the old font configuration if you’re not satisfied with the new one.

The main window is split into three parts, with the first one being familiar, as it lists the same options as System Font Size Changer, along with the current font properties. The trick here is to click an option from title bar, menu, message box, palette title, icon and tooltip, in order to bring up the classical font configuration panel and choose a preferred font type, style, size and script.

Log off to apply effects and save favorite configurations

Settings aren’t immediately applied to the desktop and all utilities. To make this happen, it’s necessary to log off and into Windows again. Any preferred font layout can be saved to a registry file in order to rapidly apply settings by double-clicking its associated .REG file. This doesn’t require Windows logoff, though, since effects are applied right away.

The second pane of System Font Size Changer holds options for controlling the size of the icon horizontal and vertical spacing, menu and caption height, together with scroll height and width. Once again, settings can be saved to file. The last pane shows a history of all changes made since the last program startup, useful for retracing your steps after making too many modifications and not knowing how to go back without a backup file.

Unsurprisingly, Advanced System Font Changer worked smoothly in our tests. It certainly has advanced settings for controlling the font type, size and other Windows elements, but these can be easily configured.

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