Advanced Serial Data Logger

Input RS232 data directly into files, Excel, Access or any Windows application, and send commands or requests from the serial port.

  • Advanced Serial Data Logger
  • Version : 4.2.5 Build 711
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :AGG Software

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Advanced Serial Data Logger Description

Advanced Serial Data Logger is a professional software tool able to write RS232 data directly into files, Excel, Access or any Windows application. The tool offers support for real-time information collection from any serial device or instrument.

You may log multiple serial ports (RS232, RS485, RS422) at the same time and transmit requests or commands to the serial port to control or query your devices over ASCII or MODBUS protocol. In addition, you may run the utility as a service so that it starts as soon as you turn on your computer (without having to log in and run it), as well as open it in a spy (sniffer) mode.

Clean feature lineup

Advanced Serial Data Logger sports a straightforward interface that displays the formatted data, message list with logged information, warning and errors, current state of the selected data source, interface error messages, and number of processed bytes.

Log management features

What’s more, you can easily make the application reveal the current log file and program protocol file in Notepad, and back up your configuration settings to INI file format, so you may import data in your future projects.

You may clear the screen with just one click, generate statistics about the uptime, current log file and data packets, save settings to registry or INI file, start or pause the data receiving process, and copy the information revealed in the main window to the clipboard.

Adding new configurations

Advanced Serial Data Logger lets you set up a new configuration by tweaking several COM parameters, namely polling mode, baud rate, data bits and parity. In addition, you may alter the data flow control by using DTR or RTS, picking the type (on receiving or transmitting, or both options), and enable the VT100, VT52, ANSI or TTY terminal emulation.

When it comes to modifying the log parameters, you may create a log file on disk and opt for log file rotation for received or sent data. In case the utility cannot wrote data to a log file, you can input the information to a temporary file which can be appended to the main one, display a message, play sound notifications or write message to protocol file.

What’s more, you can make the app remove old log files after a custom number of days and number of files, display data before or after parsing, highlight sent data on screen, and insert date/time stamps.

Last but not least, you may export the information to any database (e.g. MS SQL, Oracle, MS Access, MS Excel), run the tool as DDE server and export data, establish a direct connection to Microsoft Excel and write data to rows and columns, and enhance the overall functionality of the utility via plugins.

Bottom line

All things considered, Advanced Serial Data Logger integrates a comprehensive suite of features for helping you carry out serial port data logging tasks, and is suitable especially for advanced users.

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