Advanced Pathway Painter

View rendered pathways, such as KEGG or GenMAPP for gene and protein experiments, in a comprehensive environment, thanks to this tool.

  • Advanced Pathway Painter
  • Version :2.30
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :GSA

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Advanced Pathway Painter Description

Advanced Pathway Painter allows you to generate visual representations for pathways, such as KEGG, GenMAPP and BioCarta, designed for genetic and protein analysis. The application allows you to open the data files, as well as quickly switch to the visualization tab, where you may view the rendered pathways.

Gene and protein experiments

Advanced Pathway Painter is designed as a digital assistant that allows you to render visual representations of gene or protein pathways. You may use the built-in algorithms to process quantitative data from gene and protein experiments, such as microarrays or Affymetrix.

The program enables you to set the pathway colors and differentiate values or parameters. Moreover, the linking between the items in the pathway and the experiment data is based on the protein names and the accession numbers. You may thus get an overview on the gene/protein pathway while making sure that the connected links are stored in the dedicated tab.

Visually appealing representations

Advanced Pathway Painter allows you to generate vividly colored pathways so that you can easily differentiate various elements, substances, membranes or particles. The bright colors are necessary for an effective separation of the genes and protein elements.

Advanced Pathway Painter allows you to manually enter the minimum number of genes you wish to analyze before you enable the gene filter.

The program allows you to import experiment data from text files, as well as to export pathways as images, in the bitmap format. You may define the scale configuration, by specifying the minimum, maximum and medium signal values.

Image management tools

After rendering the indicated pathways, Advanced Pathway Painter allows you to zoom in or out on the picture, as well as to stretch in to fit the margins of the window. The zooming tool does not work on all the pathways, but you may save them as pictures on your computer and further edit them.

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