Advanced OPC Data Logger

Receive data from multiple OPC servers, organize the information and export it, with the help of this effective piece of software.

  • Advanced OPC Data Logger
  • Version :3.2.6 Build 711
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :AGG Software

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Advanced OPC Data Logger Description

Advanced OPC Data Logger is a useful application that can receive data from one or more OPC servers, organize it into groups and prepare it for being processed and exported. The information is logged and saved in real-time to text or binary files, as well as various database models.

It is a data collection system that can be used to connect OPC servers and databases, offers backup and recovery functions and can be extended with additional plug-ins.

Configure multiple data sources

When first launching the utility, you need to specify which servers it should gather data from. You can set up multiple sources and switch between them using a drop-down list in the main program window.

The various servers can be organized into groups, and each of them can feature individual connection and export parameters.

Customize logging mode

The program supports log file rotation for sent or received data packets, and you can choose between binary, CSV, PDF or RTF logging.

If the application cannot write data for some reason, you can have it save the information to a temporary file, and then append it to the main log. Additionally, it can display an error message and trigger a sound alert.

Old log files can be deleted automatically after a specified period. Moreover, you have the possibility of saving only a certain number recent items.

Export data in real-time

You can have the application filter the received entries before they are exported, to avoid transferring unnecessary data.

Advanced OPC Data Logger allows you to send information directly to various types of databases, including MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, MS Access and dBase.

Overall, this is a powerful application that can receive information from OPC servers, write logs and export information to databases in real-time. It allows you to process multiple data sources at once and features a minimalistic interface.

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