Advanced Movie Organizer & Player

Multimedia player and organizer that allows users to play all the mainstream video formats, including karaoke playlists, while also offering a remote TV projection via HDMI cable.

  • Advanced Movie Organizer & Player
  • Version: 2.6
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Degang Mu

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Advanced Movie Organizer & Player Description

Advanced Movie Organizer & Player is designed to arrange your multimedia files in an efficient and easy manner.

Familiar interface

The application has a big screen dedicated to video playback, and on the right panel different sections are devoted to various movie genres, so users should find it easy to catalog their film database.

Video-oriented features

This software tool is built to work as a family entertainment center. It can manage HD, DVD, and VCD contents together with karaoke playlists. The application supports all the mainstream movie files, like MPG, MKV, AVI, WMV, H.264, FLV, CDG, and many more. Additional media formats can be added, since it supports a broad range of codecs.

The program helps you create a playlist of movies where they get organized by genres. Additionally, this media player works just fine with any input devices including remote controls and even touchscreens. Also, a set of customizable hotkeys is available in case you find it hard to control the player manually with your mouse.

Additionally, the application allows the user to set the movie projection in other formats than the classical full-screen display. Movies can be watched as desktop backgrounds, and they can even be sent to TV screens as long as they are connected to your computer via an HDMI cable.


Advanced Movie Organizer & Player is a pretty good application that is used best when projecting videos of any popular multimedia file either on your desktop background or your TV. It does come with some media organizing features, but they feel clunky and not entirely functional so users might want to stay away from the playlist movie manager.

Nevertheless, the app works great when asking simple things from it, but if you plan to use a more complex media player, maybe other similar programs can serve your interests a bit better.

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