Advanced Hospital Management System

Intuitive program that helps you manage a hospital business by recording information about inpatients and outpatients, doctors, payment details, and appointments, as well as creating reports.

  • Advanced Hospital Management System
  • Version :4.5.61
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Cyberdoc Solutions

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Advanced Hospital Management System Description

Advanced Hospital Management System is a software application designed specifically to help you manage a hospital business with the aid of patient management, payments and services modules, as well as detailed reporting options. The program provides support for a handy package of features in order to help you look after inpatients, outpatients, records, treatments, illness status, billings, laboratory module for handling all lab operations, as well as doctor and staff records.

User interface that needs improvements

The access to the utility’s GUI is password-protected, and you are given the option to change the password and work with multiple user accounts. You are welcomed by a clean and well-organized interface that reveals the time and date in the main panel and integrates dedicated buttons for quickly managing inpatients and outpatients, channeling service, payments, reports and searches.

On the downside, resizing the GUI and keep seeing all the modules is not possible, so you might discover that some of the modules and options are gone if you want to make the window smaller.

Furthermore, while all modules are one-click away, they open individual windows inside the main window, which you have to close individually. Not once, but serveral times, we found ourselves clicking on a module (e.g. Reports Quick Launch) that did not reveal the corresponding window, simply because it was opened underneath all the others. It would be nice to have a tab bar where all the opened modules are displayed, for easy access.

Inpatient/outpatient maintenance modules

Advanced Hospital Management System lets you keep track of inpatients by following three steps. You need to provide personal details about the inpatient, such as first name, gender, age, address, phone number, patient occupation and civil status, as well as insert data about guardian (e.g. patient ID, name, gender, address, phone number, occupation).

Furthermore, you can enter patient information (e.g. patient ID, guardian ID, admission date and time, patient status, diagnosis, referred and assigned doctor IDs, room ID).

A built-in search wizard is implemented to help you look for inpatients and outpatients in the database and filter the results using various criteria.

When it comes to managing outpatient detail records, you may enter personal details, such as patient ID, first name, surname, gender, age, and address.

Appointments and payments

The program lets you schedule appointments, check a doctor’s appointments for a certain day, search for doctors in the database, or print the schedule.

The payment module enables you to insert info about the patient (e.g. ID, admission and discharge dates) and billing details (e.g. charges for the medical treatment, doctor, service and room, VAT, discounts).

Reports and hospital database maintenance

Advanced Hospital Management System is able to generate several reports related to patients, treatments, admissions and discharges, laboratory results, prescriptions, and revenues.

Most reports let you select date range or custom entries to be included, with the preview being displayed afterward. You can customize the header data with the hospital’s info and include a custom logo image that will make reports look more professional. Reports can be exported to HTML or TXT format or printed on paper.

Additionally, you can configure several maintenance modules for keeping track of doctors, medicines, hospital services, departments, wards, rooms and laboratory, as well as create a backup.

Management dashboard for small-sized hospitals

All in all, Advanced Hospital Management System comes with a handy suite of features that can benefit managers of a small-sized hospital business.

Overlooking some faults that result in the impossibility to access a module without closing several others, accommodation is not a problem, thanks to the clean design, with a side panel providing quick access to all areas.

With options to keep records of staff, budget and inventory, as well as multiple reports to generate, the application deserves a try.

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