Advanced File Finder

Search for files based of specific criteria, then perform a wide array of operations on them, with this comprehensive piece of software.

  • Advanced File Finder
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Advanced File Finder Description

You probably often need to find specific files on your computer or scan it for documents that match certain parameters.

Advanced File Finder can help you locate data based on preset criteria, then perform numerous actions in manual, automatic or scheduled mode. It is a complex application, that offers a wide array of functions, but can be difficult to operate for inexperienced users.

Note that if you choose to install the application, instead of running it in portable mode, it may include some third-party offers.

Set multiple searching parameters

The application allows you to define numerous conditions when searching for files. You can scan a specific folder, with or without its subfolders, as well as include or exclude certain file types or names.

You can also specify various file properties or attributes. It is possible, for example, to only include files that were created or modified between certain dates or documents that fall within a particular size range.

Additionally, you can search for files that contain, start or end with specific lines of text, as well as use advanced wildcards.

Setup monitors to process files automatically

Advanced File Finder can be run in automatic mode, by creating one or more monitors, that continually scan specific paths and perform operations if they locate files that match given criteria.

When the application encounters documents that need to be modified, they are automatically added to the processing queue. If, at any time, you need to alter the monitor’s settings or change the action sequence, the scanning operation can be paused.

Create scheduled processing jobs

It it possible to have the program perform operations at specific times and dates or based on particular preset triggers. The actions can be run at startup, while the computer is in idle mode or depending on certain system events.

If the Windows Task Scheduler service is enabled, it can launch the application automatically when a job is scheduled to be performed.

Overall, Advanced File Finder is a comprehensive tool, that you can use to locate files on your computer by defining a wide range of parameters, then perform various operations on them.

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