Block irritating pop-up ads and hide banners, improving your web browsing experience, with this straightforward and unobtrusive program.

  • Adskip
  • Version :1.3.816.9903
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
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Adskip Description

While many websites rely on advertisements as their primary source of income, no one likes being assaulted with irritating pop-ups or having their browsers slowed down by the numerous banners some web pages try to load.

Adskip is a simple, intuitive application designed to help you out, as it can block pop-up ads and hide banners while running in the background. It is unobtrusive and lightweight, but it is not entirely effective, and some users may have problems creating custom filters.

Useful desktop ad blocker that works with multiple web browsers

Once of the main advantages offered by Adskip is that it can prevent ads from being displayed in multiple Internet browsers, and it does not require you to install any extensions. While no information is provided in the documentation, the application seems to be compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

During our tests, we found Adskip to be effective for the most part, as it blocked all pop-ups and removed most of the advertisements from the visited web pages. However, some banners still not blocked even when all the supported filters were enabled.

Promising application that still needs to be improved in certain respects

The program allows you to use multiple filter lists, and a fair number of them are available. Once they are downloaded, they can be updated with a single mouse click.

It is also possible to create customized filters, should you wish to allow ads on a certain website or block banners that are not included in the downloaded lists. However, Adskip would benefit from a filter creation wizard, as the process is not particularly novice-friendly at present.

Straightforward, resource-light and versatile ad blocker

All in all, Adskip is a useful application that enables you to block pop-ups and hide advertisement banners in several web browsers. It is very unobtrusive and allows you to subscribe to multiple filter lists, but novices may have problems setting up custom filters.

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