Adblock Plus for Chrome

With this simple and intuitive Google chrome extension, you can easily block out pesky advertising material when browsing the web.

  • Adblock Plus for Chrome
  • Version :1.13.2
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Eyeo GmbH

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Adblock Plus for Chrome Description

When browsing the web for interesting articles, advertisements can become quite annoying since they typically distract users from the actual content. Those who use Google Chrome as their browser of choice can install a dedicated extension that can help them get rid of such banners, namely Adblock Plus for Chrome.

If the addon was not downloaded from Chrome Web Store, users need to first open the browser’s Extensions section (main menu>Tools>Extensions), then drag and drop the extension in order to install it.

Adblock Plus for Chrome adds a new button to the browser, and users can easily activate or deactivate the extension, according to their choice. By default, all the detected ads and banners are disabled and they are replaced with blank areas, so users can focus on reading their articles without any distractions.

Additionally, the extension can be customized by creating filters for frequently visited webpages so that specific images or banners are hidden. This can be achieved in two different ways: on the one side, beginners can simply click the ads they want to block, whereas more tech-savvy users can manually type the filter expression, as long as they are familiar with the proper syntax (otherwise the filter will not be efficient).

Alternatively, users can also create a list with all the domains where Adblock Plus for Chrome should not be active – they simply need to type or paste the domain then add it to the list.

In a nutshell, Adblock Plus for Chrome is a customizable and useful browser add-on that can help improve users’ experience when browsing websites on a regular basis. However, if users prefer other browsers but still want to enjoy the same functions of this extension, they can try Adblock Plus for Firefox, Adblock Plus for Opera or Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer.

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