Actual Window Rollup

A practical and easy to apply method of managing both active and inactive windows by hiding their content without minimizing or closing them.

  • Actual Window Rollup
  • Version : 8.11
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Actual Tools

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Actual Window Rollup Description

There are countless ways in which you can enhance your operating system. You can add new features, customize existing ones or better yet, combine the previous two for something much more practical.

Actual Window Rollup is an application that allows you to take the ‘Minimize’ function for windows and imbues it with a faster and more appealing way of using it. Once this application is installed, it implements a rollup function which basically minimizes an active window by leaving just the title bar visible.

Easy to install, configure and use

Right off the bat, Actual Window Rollup is an application that you install on your computer with the utmost ease and configure to your needs in the same way. Once it integrates with your system, it adds a new button in the title bar which looks like the ‘Minimize’ one but which provides a different function.

As far as configuration goes, it’s very straightforward, meaning that it won’t leave you scratching your head trying to figure out how things work. There is a handful of settings that can be activated or deactivated with a simple click and this makes Actual Window Rollup accessible to anyone. For example, you can toggle functions that automatically roll up a window if it is inactive for a specific amount of time or unroll it if you hover the mouse cursor over its title bar.

Choose which applications to roll

Software differs in role, function, size and most importantly in this case, system requirements. Some need more resources while others less and this is an important factor when using Actual Window Rollup.

For example, if you want to minimize the main window of a professional 3D CAD application and you’re running it on a computer with a poor configuration, chances are that you will experience a small delay when rolling. An equally unpleasant effect takes place when you rollup an application that has a fundamentally bad GUI design.

To avoid these cases, as well as for an additional degree of freedom and customization Actual Window Rollup allows you to choose which applications will or will not be fitted with the rolling option.

An interesting OS enhancement

To wrap it up, Actual Window Rollup is a rather nice application to have on your computer if you’re looking to mix things up a bit and explore new ways of using windows.

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