Actual File Folders

Speed up folder navigation and switch between directories on your computer in just a few clicks with this easy-to-use software solution.

  • Actual File Folders
  • Version :1.11
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Actual Tools

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Actual File Folders Description

Effective management of the files and folders on your computer can be time-consuming, unless you rely on an organizer that enables you to mark, arrange and quickly find what you are looking for.

Actual File Folders is a small utility designed to help you speed up the common operations you do on your computer on a daily basis.

It integrates in the folders

First of all, you should know that upon installation, it integrates into the directories on your computer. If you access it directly from there, you can only view a short list of items you open or added to favorite recently.

The utility also includes a configuration window that enables you to view the full list of favorite folders and a history of the ones you opened lately. Alternatively, you can access this window from the System Tray, if you decide to enable this feature.

Includes only a couple of options

Given the role of the utility, the number of configuration options is slightly disappointing. You can specify whether the app should load at start-up, use hotkeys or if you want to run the library directly from the installation folder.

You should take the time and change the default settings to avert any inconvenience. The history depth the utility records by default is set at 20. Consequentially if you commonly open a lot of directories, it can mean that you cannot access files you open in the morning or a day before.

Simplistic functionality

The functionality of the application can be summarized to two main options, namely adding folders as favorites and accessing the recently opened ones. Some users would argue that these functions are also available with Windows Explorer.

What the utility actually does is keep a global history and allow you to access any marked directory regardless of the program used.

It addresses the average home user

In case your work implies opening, saving, modifying, renaming or moving numerous directories, then Actual File Folders can help you find the ones you simply lose track of.

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