Acronis Files Connect

Eliminates incompatibilities between MAC and Windows workstations when it comes to sharing files and access the same printing queue, allowing connections via AFP.

  • Acronis Files Connect
  • Version:10.5.2×112
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Acronis

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Acronis Files Connect Description

Previously known as ExtremeZ-IP, Acronis Files Connect crosses the line between Windows and MAC OS systems, allowing users of the latter OS type to conveniently access resources located on a Windows computer. To put it another way, Acronis Files Connect bypasses incompatibility issues that might occur due to the use of the Windows’ native file SMB file sharing protocol on MAC when accessing network shared resources in a mixed OS environment.

Eliminates SMB usage and replaces it with AFP for MAC OS workstations that access Windows systems

The MAC OS provides support for two network protocols, namely AFP (native for Apple workstations) and SMB (Server Messaging Block). Using the latter has reportedly triggered several errors that result in file corruption, disconnections, and crashes. Problems like these only increase costs and affect productivity. Acronis Files Connect provides the solution to seamless and error-free resource sharing, enabling MAC client devices to connect to a Windows PC via Apple’s native connection protocol, AFP.

Acronis Files Connect runs both file sharing and print sharing services on the Windows workstation, whose statuses are displayed within the main window. While all the configuration options are rather intuitive, it is advisable you go through the documentation to learn how to connect clients, and manage shared volumes and print queues.

Connect from MAC to Windows for file sharing via AFP instead of SMB

You should start using Acronis Files Connect by configuring the file server. There are multiple login methods you can choose from, alongside additional options to convert Windows shortcuts to MAC, toggle network re-sharing, and more.

The Acronis Files Connect control panel enables you to manage print and file sharing, browse a list of connected users and send them messages. Several print queues can be created, each with its own name, output method, and security configuration (for instance, the queue can ask the user for a validation code before printing). Additionally, you can configure shared volumes, and import SMB shares, if available.

Error-free access from MAC and mobile platforms to shared volumes in Windows

Acronis Files Connect promises to overcome the compatibility issues caused by the SMB protocol on MAC, allowing seamless connections to shared resources in a mixed network. Its configuration shouldn’t pose too many problems, especially since there is an extensive documentation you can browse.

Furthermore, shared volumes can also be accessed via the Acronis Access mobile app, available on iOS, Android, and Windows phones and tablets. As such, with Acronis Access mobile, you will be able to perform file searches, manage, preview and edit files.

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