AceThinker Video Master

Convert various videos from your computer to several formats or create your own videos by turning to this comprehensive application.

  • AceThinker Video Master
  • Version :4.5.9
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :AceThinker

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AceThinker Video Master Description

Handling video content on your computer might be difficult or straight up impossible if no appropriate software solutions are available.

Fortunately, nowadays there is a wide range of specialized applications that can help you perform various actions related to video handling such as converting, recording or creating them. One of them is AceThinker Video Master.

Converts videos from your PC

Once you launch this application, you will be greeted by its video conversion component that enables you to turn various video files from your computer to other formats without significant efforts.

You can add files by dragging and dropping them in the corresponding pane or using the “Add Files” button from the toolbar. You can then set a profile, choose an output destination and begin the conversion. It is possible to perform a few modifications, as well, such as customizing the conversion profile or editing your records by trimming them or adjusting image-related parameters.

Download videos from the Internet

If you need to fetch an online video, AceThinker Video Master can also help you do that. You simply need to navigate to its “Download” tab in the main window and provide it with a valid URL.

You can also enable a detector service that automatically detects and offers to download online videos, and also add a batch of URLs by using the controls that are available on the bottom of the screen.

Record your screen

You can also create fresh content directly from the application by creating video or audio recordings. You can capture a specific region, the entire screen, the area around the mouse or use your web camera’s input. It is also possible to perform audio-only recordings.

If you want to create a music slideshow, you can do so from the “Make MV” tab by importing pictures and audio files to the program, adjusting size settings and choosing your favorite transitions from the side menu.

Comprehensive video handling tool that lets you perform various actions

All in all, if you’re looking for a multi-purpose video utility, you can consider using AceThinker Video Master, since it lets you convert files, perform recordings, download new content from the Internet and generate music slideshows with ease.

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