Accordance Bible Software

A simple and easy to use piece of software designed to help you enhance your knowledge of the Holy Bible, in a modern and efficient manner.

  • Accordance Bible Software
  • Version : 12.1.1
  • License :Commercialware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :OakTree Software, Inc

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Accordance Bible Software Description

Accordance Bible Software is a comprehensive piece of software designed specifically for religious people who wish to enhance their knowledge of the Scriptures in a simple yet modern way.

The application provides users with access to the Holy Literature, with several available versions of the Scriptures, in English but also in Hebrew or Greek.

The interface of the program is fairly simple to understand and work with, offering multiple drop-down menus from which users can select the actions they want to perform or the tools they want to use.

Accordance Bible Software allows users to display several different texts in a parallel view, so as to better understand their origins, meaning and purpose. Since it contains the entire contents of the Bibles, the ‘Search’ function helps users quickly locate the precise passage that may be of interest to them, simply by entering a keyword or phrase in the assigned field. Additionally, users can also specify the language for the returned results or whether they want the text in its original form.

Moreover, the utility enables users to conduct in depth studies of the Bible, by letting them create notes and link them to specific passages, or perform extensive linguistic analysis of the texts in their original language, with their original characters. Also, users can operate a variety of comparisons between different translations of the same passages, in side-by-side panels.

The ‘Library’ section of Accordance Bible Software allows users to choose the specific text that they want to study or which tool they want to work with. Several different activities can be performed at the same time, thanks to the ability to open multiple tabs, so users can analyze a variety of Holy Texts simultaneously.

Accordance Bible Software is an useful application aimed specifically at users who have an interest in enhancing their religious awareness, by studying the Scriptures in an extensive and dedicated manner.

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