A simple to use application that allows you to import information from an Microsoft Access database to PostgreSQL easy and quickly.

  • AccessToPostgres
  • Version : 2.0 Release 1 Build 170614
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Withdata Software

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AccessToPostgres Description

AccessToPostgres is a comprehensive and reliable software that allows you to migrate data from a Microsoft Access storage file to a PostgreSQL server in a quick way. The program allows you to convert tables, for higher compatibility or translate a query into a table. Moreover, it can handle large batches of data safely and easily.

Before running, AccessToPostgres requires you to connect to both instances, namely an offline Microsoft Access file, then to an online PostgreSQL server and database. You might need to provide your own login credentials, in case the databases are protected. When the connection to both databases is established and stable, you can start managing the storage files.

You may import tables from the Microsoft Access database, then analyze the information contained within. For a better compatibility and insurance that no data is lost during the transfer, the software allows you to convert the tables to a format supported by PostgreSQL. The software can convert individual tables or handle batches of them simultaneously, without slowing down its performance. Moreover, you can easily convert queries from Access to tables in PostgreSQL.

The software can schedule recurrent data migration from the Access files to PostgreSQL databases, with the help of the task scheduler. The wizard can take you through all the steps of the process, from selecting the application to defining parameters. You can assign a specific name to the task, then set the starting time, date and the repetition frequency. Additionally, you may set a username and password, thus to make sure that no unauthorised user disrupts the process.

AccessToPostgres also allows you to control its functions from the command line. You need to save the current session and create a batch file, in which both the Access instance and the PostgreSQL are assigned unicode definitions. Once the batch file is created, you can easily run it through command line.

With AccessToPostgres, you can be sure that you can perform a safe data transfer and conversion from Microsoft Access to PostgreSQL databases. The software also allows you to save the current session, with the settings and actions, in order to load it at a later time and continue your work.

System requirements

  • Microsoft Access database
  • PostgreSQL server and database

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • 30 days trial
  • Nag screen

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