Accessory Media Player

An all inclusive media player designed to play a large variety of formats, all in one application, as well as logging your file history for easy replay.

  • Accessory Media Player
  • Version :3.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Accessory Software

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Accessory Media Player Description

As film, music and video come in an increasingly wider range of formats, the need for a media player that can play all of them increases. Accessory Media Player is a multiple format player that can play both audio and video file formats, as well as capture single images from them.

A minimalistic interface that is simple to operate yet lacks an intuitive design

Accessory Media Player is designed to be straightforward in its usage and achieves this effect, files are loaded with the Open button and automatically played. Any video that is played will be stored in the History tab for easy replayability and a few simple play options are available. This makes it very quick to operate and friendly to multiple media formats.

The downside of its minimalistic design is that sometimes the way to operate the application isn’t obvious. The player includes a Step Next option, to skip to the next file, yet doesn’t have a skip backwards button. The application provides a Favorite tab, but the button to save a file to favorites is in the Open tab, the button is just marked Save.

The errors in the design run through the application, text is poorly spaced in the application, often clashing with any table borders or boundaries. The lack of care gives the application a rough and amateur appearance, which, given the application’s good functionality, is a shame.

A varied selection of features, yet missing some basic ones that users might expect

There are some useful features in the application, the screenshot feature is especially useful and unexpected, given how little screenshots have to do with its main role. More direct player features like a skip backwards and playlist option would be more useful, and more in keeping with the media player application.

The History tab and the list of all media files the application has played is a main feature on the application, a library feature may have been more useful though. The history tab has no categories, no ratings, no sub tabs and no search bar. Anyone who uses the application on a regular basis will quickly find the history tab less and less useful as it becomes too crowded.

A decent mass media player that is missing some key features

In conclusion, the Accessory Media Player is a good application for users who need to play multiple media files of different formats regularly. It is not such a reliable application if users have too many files they want to play as the lack of organization tools will hamper it. With a few small improvements though, it could be a more worthwhile application.

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