Able2Extract Professional

Import PDF documents and have them quickly converted to various office file formats with the help of this easy to use application.

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Able2Extract Professional Description

Most documents of increased importance are found in digitally under the PDF format. For enhanced security, these require specialized tools in order to have content modified. Luckily, applications like Able2Extract Professional give you the possibility to extract and convert PDF to various other file formats.

Select and extract desired pieces of text

By the time the application launches, you better have PDF documents ready to be dragged over the main window and processed to suit your needs. Additionally, you can simply import files through the dedicated file menu browser.

A side panel offers quick access to each page of the document, while the center workspace displays the whole contend at a zoom level of your choice. The upper toolbar makes every feature clearly visible due to the large icon representation. Once you select desired text, you are free to press the output button you want it converted to.

Process multiple documents at a time

One of the main advantages of the application is the possibility to simultaneously convert more files to a specified format. Doing so brings up a small dialogue screen which require you to set output directory and format, as well as what to convert.

Snooping through the options menu lets you adjust several conversion settings. You are able to add further spacing between lines, specify a custom layout, fitted with headers and footers or have all images placed in background for easier text post processing.

To end with

All in all, Able2Extract Professional is a handy and reliable applications you can use to convert PDF documents to a large variety of text and image file formats for further processing. It does not take much time to set and use, doing its job flawlessly. Amongst others, it makes for an office tool worth having on your computer.

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