A lightweight and efficient command-line application for advanced computer users, aimed to help them pull WSUS updates, filter options, and reboot control.

  • ABC-Update
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :ABC-Deploy.Com

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ABC-Update Description

ABC-Update is an advanced and reliable software solution that aims to assist you in updating your Microsoft programs on your own terms, and not when the system tells you to. This way, you can regain full control of your PC and avoid being forced into updating components that you do not need or want.

Command-line usage for experienced individuals

The application does not feature a graphical user interface of its own, only working in command-line mode. This is an aspect which may deter many from trying it, due to its inherent complexity.

Consequently, you will need to have a solid background in working with Command Prompt interface or perform a thorough study of the help documentation provided by ABC-Update, to make sure you use it to the best of its abilities, without risking the safety of your PC.

List, download, install or uninstall MS updates through CMD parameters

When running the program without any set parameters, ABC-Update will automatically analyze your system and connect to the WindowsUpdate server to determine which are the latest relevant updates you installed, listing them all in a queue.

This analysis can be performed for Windows Server Update Services, but it requires a specific argument (‘ABC-Update.exe /S:WSUS’). Moreover, the utility is capable of listing, downloading and installing all, specific or only security updates that are found missing from WSUS.

ABC-Update can also uninstall unwanted updates from your computer. Results in a list can be filtered to suit your needs, by ‘Type’, ‘Category’, ‘Title’, ‘Date’ or ‘KB Number’. It also offers you the option to control reboot and reboot loops during various setup or uninstall procedures.

A useful command-line tool to help you manage MS updates

To conclude, ABC-Update is a complex and efficient CMD application that allows you to gain full control of Microsoft updates, being able to determine when and if they should occur on your computer.

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