Abacre Retail Point of Sale

Easily manage various retail operations, such as taking orders, billing, inventory and employee shifts, with this comprehensive application.

  • Abacre Retail Point of Sale
  • Version :8.0.0 Build 221
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Abacre Corporation

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Abacre Retail Point of Sale Description

If you are a store administrator and need an intuitive application to help you manage sales, orders, inventory, clients and worker shifts, you can try Abacre Retail Point of Sale.

It is a comprehensive POS software solution, designed to be easy-to-use even by inexperienced workers, and offers support for numerous hardware devices.

Create accounts with various authorization levels

It is important for multiple users to have different authorization levels. For example, a store manager needs to be able to access more functions that a cashier.

Numerous worker accounts can be created, each with its own name and password, making them easy to identify. You can specify whether a user is an administrator, cashier, inventory clerk, associate or purchasing manager. Depending on these settings, employees have access to various program functions.

Manage inventory items

Any number of items can be added to the inventory and organized into relevant categories. You can specify their names, price, availability status, code and much more.

Additionally, you can set up a price schedule, allowing you to automatically sell certain items at different prices, depending on the current time or day of the week.

The application also allows you to generate an inventory report that displays differences between the amount of items physically present in your store and the quantities displayed in the database.

View detailed statistics and export them to various formats

Abacre Retail Point of Sale enables you to generate various types of charts and reports. For example, you can view sales by day, week, month, category, payment method and much more.

You can also view statistics about various other parameters, such as taxes, inventory, profit margin, shifts and discounts. These can be exported to numerous formats, including PDF, HTML, TXT, CSV, RTF and JPG or sent directly via e-mail.

Overall, Abacre Retail Point of Sale is a complex software solution, designed to be used by various types of workers in retail stores and allows managers to generate many types of reports and statistics, to help manage their business.

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