Abacre Cloud Hotel Management System

An important tool for hotel management that offers the means for working with the database in the cloud and an adjacent Web-based part.

  • Abacre Cloud Hotel Management System
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  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Abacre Corporation

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Abacre Cloud Hotel Management System Description

Hotel owners advertise their establishments online to gain more clients. Via their websites, they can manage reservations, accept payment and promote their locations with discounts and gifts. Abacre Cloud Hotel Management System is a complete tool for hotel owners to control their businesses successfully.

A two-part application for a complete solution

This system provides users with a standard software for Windows machines and a website that represents the hotel. It stores information within a cloud database to handle reservations, check-in/out, and billing.

You can setup this software on multiple computers, depending on the level of your business. Authorization levels can be set up to enable your workers to interact with the software, and it supports any machine, be it a simple desktop or touch display.

The desktop-based software is well organized into several tabs and menus, providing an abundance of features. Unfortunately, it is not eye-catching and the response time is sometimes unusually long.

Handle all aspects of a hotel

The application provides ample settings and features for you to tweak. You can manage reservations, maintain a client database, store inventory information, promote your establishment via e-mail campaigns, and bill all the services you offer.

Furthermore, you can link several hardware devices, such as barcode readers, employee swipe cards, and caller IDs via modems. You can also set up worker shifts and manage your relations with clients, vendors or employees via automated e-mails.

For accounting purposes, there is a reports menu that enables you to preview data on sales by time, hostess, or client. You can also handle worker hours, calculate your profit and taxes as well as generate discounts for loyal customers.

A complete system for hotels of all sizes

To sum things up, Abacre Cloud Hotel Management System is indeed an extensive program that handles all aspects of owning and managing a hotel. It provides both local and web-based application to help you stay on top of your establishment. Unfortunately, the installation process is not smooth, especially when you are creating the cloud database. Also, the response time of the desktop application could be improved. Outside of these drawbacks, this solution performs as expected.

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