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Extract files from a broad range of archive formats and compress your data using multiple algorithms, with this easy-to-use application.

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7z ZIP RAR Store App Description

Whether you need to compress files or extract data from various archive formats, a simple, easy-to-use utility can save you a lot of time and effort. Many users have to deal with archives on a daily basis, but compression tools are not always particularly novice-friendly.

7z ZIP RAR Store App is a straightforward and intuitive program that provides you with a quick and easy method of extracting data from archives or packing files. It supports most of the popular compression formats and also allows you to encrypt your data.

Offers support for a wide range of archive formats

Among the file formats that can be decompressed, we can mention ZIP, 7z, RAR, ISO, TGZ, TAR and CAB. Encrypted files can also be unpacked, and you can specify which of the contained files should be extracted.

7z ZIP RAR Store app can also be used to create new archives, and it supports multiple output formats, including ZIP, 7Z, ISO, GZ, and BZ2. You can password-protect the packed files, and new items can be added with drag and drop actions.

Straightforward application designed with inexperienced users in mind

Of course, 7z ZIP RAR Store App is not exactly packed with functions, as you cannot, for instance, change the compression level, split files to volumes or create self-extracting archives.

However, the application is very easy to use, and both the extraction and archiving operations are completed fairly quickly.

While the reasoning behind the program’s limited feature set is understandable, as inexperienced users may have found it to be too complex otherwise, a few extra functions would have come in very handy.

Simple, intuitive compression utility for novices

All in all, 7z ZIP RAR Store App is a straightforward application that can help you unpack files from a broad range of archive formats, as well as compress and encrypt data. It does not offer an extensive array of features, but it is very easy to use.

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