A full-featured animated GIF player that is able to change the playback speed and rewind the animations in order to take a closer look at certain frames.

  • 7GIF
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Xtreme-LAb

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7GIF Description

7GIF is a simple, reliable and useful utility worth having when you need to load and view GIF animations, regardless of their length or size.

Adopting a straightforward approach, the program is geared toward users who need to change the playback speed and rewind the animations so they can move through frames and save the ones they want to save to computer.

The main window of the application is very easy-to-use and allows you to load a new GIF animation, or simply drag and drop an image onto 7GIF.

Acting as a practical media player, the program enables you to open any GIF animation you want and control it the way you want. This way, you can speed up or slow down the current animation, zoom it or view frame by frame, print the current frame or simply change the background color.

Although the shortcuts for moving to another file back and forth are not displayed in the interface, you can use the left and right arrows to perform such action. And since the application acts as a video player, you can use backspace to play/pause an animated GIF.

Referring to the configuration panel that 7GIF comes with, we can say that it’s quite packed with useful options; however, there is nothing complicated to perform or change.

This way, by accessing the General tab, you are able to keep the application inside the screen boundaries when loading a GIF file, pause the animation when 7GIF loses focus, or simply resize the window when you load a new file.

In order to suit your convenience, you can associate all the GIF animations with 7GIF as well by navigating to the proper tab.

Additionally, the application is capable of displaying information about the loaded file such as resolution, dots per inch and total number of frames.

To sum things up, 7GIF is a practical GIF player, extremely easy to handle that fulfills its purpose completely.

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