7-Data Android Recovery

Allows you to easily connect an Android device to your computer via a USB connection, then perform a scan to analyze and restore any files you want.

  • 7-Data Android Recovery
  • Version :1.6
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :SharpNight LLC

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7-Data Android Recovery Description

7-Data Android Recovery is an application that specializes in accessing and recovering data from Android devices or a device with an Android operating system.

The device must be connected to the computer via a USB connection and from there users will be able to access the devices drives. A scan can be performed on a selected drive, that once complete, will display a list of all its folders and subfolders that the application has been able to detect.

The application works like a standard file browser and users can expand different folders to view their content. Documents and multiple media files will all be accessible and all popular formats can be accessed without difficulty. Users can choose to copy them to their computer hard drive or restore them to the Android OS.

External SD cards can also be accessed by the application and lost data there should not be a problem for the application assuming it can access it properly.

The application is designed to be straightforward, so users can solve their own data loss issues without having to rely on technical support or any other type support methods. It is especially designed so the application can recover any lost data without anyone else having to infringe on users privacy or see anything that they would prefer to keep private.

7-Data Android Recovery is compatible with most Android devices, including those produced by large names such as Google, Samsung and Motorola. Advanced versions of the product such as Pro or Enterprise are able to recover data from Windows Server 2003 and 2008.

The application is not free and must be purchased before it can be used to full effect.

Users can purchase different licenses for the application, either a 1-year, home, pro or enterprise. Each costs different amounts and comes with different advantages and more features with the more expensive versions.

The application includes a 30 days money back guarantee once purchased and can be claimed if the application fails to perform as expected.

System requirements

  • Device with Android OS

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • Cannot save recovered files

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