5 Icons Income

An innovative software utility that helps you manage your daily and monthly income so you always know how much money you make, even if you have several jobs.

  • 5 Icons Income
  • Version :2.0 Build 003
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :TriSun Software Inc

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5 Icons Income Description

When you are involved in more than one project or job at a time, it might become difficult to keep track of all your income without relying on specialized tools.

5 Icons Income is one of the applications you can turn to in this case, since it provides you with a straightforward solution for income organizer and tracking.

An innovative approach to income management

You are bound to appreciate 5 Icons Income if you are not pleased with the traditional finance managers that comes with countless functions and menus that only end up confusing you.

This software utility uses a 5-icon view mode that makes it easy for you to add the income on a daily basis, and have it automatically calculate the balance. Depending on the amount of money you specified, a dedicated icon is displayed for each day, so as to help you get a clear overview of your financial status.

Supports a wide range of currencies

One of the advantages of 5 Icons Income is that it can be customized and adapted to your own necessities, not only when it comes to changing the color of the icons, but also the currency.

Unlike other finance managers, this app comes with support for numerous types of currencies, from all over the world, thus becoming a suitable solution for users throughout the globe.

Navigate to other days via an intuitive calendar

5 Icons Income allows you to enter the income for the current day and for the previous ones, while also getting the possibility to mark an expense by entering a negative value.

You can easily browse to other days and months due to a neat and user-friendly calendar that simulates the native Windows one.

All in all, 5 Icons Income is a handy app for all those who want to get a clear idea of all the money they earn on a regular basis, no matter if they have several part-time jobs or are involved in multiple projects at the same time.

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