4Videosoft iPod Video Converter

Convert multimedia files to most common audio and video formats with this intuitive application that allows you to add trim or crop effects.

  • 4Videosoft iPod Video Converter
  • Version :5.0.8
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :4Videosoft Studio

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4Videosoft iPod Video Converter Description

4Videosoft iPod Video Converter is a comprehensive conversion and ripping suite designed to assist users in preparing clips for their mobile devices.

Supports batch file processing

The application can load either single files or entire folders. Since multimedia items are often grouped together, loading entire directories is a great method of saving time!

An interesting feature is that multiple conversion profiles can be applied to the same file. For example, one can save an MP4 file in both AVI and MOV formats.

Both these operations can be performed in just one process. What’s more, the application can process multiple files in one go. This flexibility means that users will find a very powerful resource in 4Videosoft iPod Video Converter!

Adjust videos before actually processing them

Users can customize some aspects of the source files. Brightness, saturation, hue, contrast and volume can all be modified. This is a nice feature since it removes the need to load clips into specialized graphics editors.

Other effects are available, such as film trimming and cropping. Since all the mentioned features can significantly alter the original files, a watermarking option exists.

This effect can be applied as either a text, or a user-defined image. If inserting a picture, the level of transparency can be modified to ensure proper blending.

The interface is well-suited for the task at hand. A few buttons surround the main working window, where all the source files are displayed. A preview option is also available, which is a nice touch!

Good for all multimedia conversion needs

As an overview, 4Videosoft iPod Video Converter comes across as a very handy tool. However, there are plenty of similar programs and there is little in the way of innovation with this resource. That being said, it does do the job well!

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