4neso Rotator

Generate multiple rotated and flipped versions of an imported image and save them to several formats, with this lightweight application.

  • 4neso Rotator
  • Version :2.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Yasser Gersy

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4neso Rotator Description

Image processing applications are not exactly scarce, but a complex program is not always the best solution. If you only need to perform a straightforward, repetitive task, a simple utility is often more suitable.

4neso Rotator is a handy tool that enables you to create several modified versions of a source image file in seconds. It is easy-to-use and fully portable, while also offering support for numerous output formats.

Handy utility that can help you generate modified versions of an original image

When you load an image file, 4neso Rotator creates a total of eighteen flipped or rotated variations or the picture. However, not all of these are unique, so you will end up with multiple duplicates if you export all the processed images.

You can click any of the generated thumbnails to analyze the image and save it separately, and the application allows you to zoom in or out, as well as change the background color

4neso Rotator supports numerous output formats, including BMP, PNG, JPEG, GIF, EMF and TIFF.

Lightweight application that does not need to be installed before use

While 4neso Rotator is not a perfect utility, it does have one major advantage, namely the fact that you can run it from any location without installing it on your PC beforehand.

The program does not store any data on your computer or add any entries to the registry, and you can launch it from a portable storage device on any machine that meets the listed software requirements.

Easy-to-use program for rotating and converting image files

Overall, 4neso Rotator is a straightforward tool that can help you create multiple variations of a loaded image by flipping and rotating it in various ways.

It is fairly simple to use and can export files to numerous formats, but it generates multiple identical images, which can be difficult to sort through when exporting all the processed pictures at once.

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