4Media PDF to PowerPoint Converter

Batch convert PDF files to Microsoft PowerPoint presentations easily and effortlessly, with this straightforward and intuitive tool.

  • 4Media PDF to PowerPoint Converter
  • Version :1.0.2 Build 20120229
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :4Media

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4Media PDF to PowerPoint Converter Description

If you usually save your projects to PDF files, you may sometimes find yourself in need of a way to convert them to PowerPoint presentations, to simplify information sharing in certain situations.

4Media PDF to PowerPoint Converter is an intuitive application that can help you perform this task, as it allows you to process numerous documents at once, provided Microsoft PowerPoint is installed on your machine.

However, if you need to modify the target file’s layout or choose which items should be imported from the source documents, you should try a more complex tool.

Supports batch conversion

This program is especially useful if you need to process a large number of documents. You can load any number of PDF files into the processing queue, with the help of drag and drop actions.

4Media PDF to PowerPoint Converter displays relevant information about each imported file, such as its name, size and total page count.

Customize conversion parameters

Is is possible to choose which pages or page ranges should be processed from each source document. This function allows you to convert multiple files in one session, without applying the same processing rules to all of them.

However, the application does lack some potentially useful features. For example, you cannot extract only text or image content from the input files, modify page orientation or slide dimensions.

Minimalistic and intuitive interface

4Media PDF to PowerPoint Converter features a simple user interface, providing access to all the program’s main functions in the main window. As a result, the application is very easy-to-use and should not pose any problems for novices.

Overall, 4Media PDF to PowerPoint Converter is a straightforward piece of software, designed to provide a simple method of creating Microsoft PowerPoint presentations from PDF source files. It offers a limited set of functions but features a modern, intuitive interface, making it accessible for inexperienced users.

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