4-SHOP (formerly 4POS POS RETAIL)

Manage the inventory of your business, create special offers and bundles, keep track of transactions, and view detailed sales reports with this practical POS application.

  • 4-SHOP (formerly 4POS POS RETAIL)
  • Version :8.00
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Bibase Software

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4-SHOP (formerly 4POS POS RETAIL) Description

With the growth in customers and products up for sale, retail businesses need to keep up the pace for an enhanced workflow and boost in efficiency. This is mostly done with the help of specialized computer applications like 4POS POS RETAIL which provide the necessary means to keep a tight inventory of goods, customers, suppliers, as well as various management and sale utilities.

Well-organized and intuitive interface

In terms of design the application is pretty polished and by its looks, it can perform well with touch-supported computers thanks to the high-quality layout and button icons and size. The main screen is equipped with most tools you need to manage transactions, such as the shopping cart, items list, various search utilities and price specifications.

Create thorough databases

First of all, you might want to take your time and pay a visit to the rich help manual, or go through all features in case you’re familiar with apps of this kind. Although the application is equipped with an abundance of tools, calculators and databases, the overall design is sure to get you out of sticky situations.

Databases need to be properly set up for a smooth workflow. Not all of them are mandatory, but it’s recommended to fill in at least the product inventory, as well as payment options in case various taxes apply or to change currency.

Large variety of fields to fill in

Adding new items to any of the databases depends on the amount of info you want to add. There aren’t any custom fields, but the ones the application comes equipped with are more than enough to meet any demand.

For instance, you only need to provide an item number, price and description for products, with the possibility to also include quantity, tax info, delivery details, location, notes and even expiry date or special offers. The same applies for customers and suppliers, each with an abundance of dedicated fields to minimize the risk of errors.

Generate reports and export options

Also benefiting from a large variety of options is the report feature. You have the possibility to trigger custom reports for various situations and include payment orders and details, customers, suppliers, with custom date specifications, special orders, items that are out of stock, or simple listing of products. Once a preview is generated, you can directly print it out on a sheet of paper or export to CSV format.

On an ending note

All things considered, we come to the conclusion that 4POS POS RETAIL is a powerful retail management application equipped with a breathtaking amount of tools so you can keep an eye and process nearly all there is to your business. Even though it takes some time to get all details right, the intuitive design and rich help manual are sure to get you up and running in a jiffy.

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