Relive the days of the long gone explorer age, and create your own map from scratch with the help of this handy, reliable application.

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Map making, and navigation have advanced in the sense that now it can all be done with the help of a computer. Using applications like 3DField maps can easily be created, and either printed out on a sheet of paper, or sent to a GPS.

Design your own map from scratch

With the ability to draw boundaries of any shape and size, forgetting about your modern navigation system, for at least a while, will seem fun. Place interest points, to which you add values, and names, carefully choosing their position with the help of an option to show a grid. If you are not satisfied with your creation, or feel uninspired, you may always choose from one of the given samples.

The ability to draw is available not only for creating borders, but to be used at all times, just in case you need something emphasized.

Easy to use interface

The application puts at your disposal a large enough workspace for even the biggest maps to be created. The “Map Manager” tab can always be reduced for even further expanding the mentioned area. As easy as the interface may be to work with, it’s not for everyone. Little help is offered, and most of the time will be spent to figure out which button does what.

Luckily, every element present on the map is enlisted in the “Map Manager”, and from there it can be either edited, or deleted. Amongst other options, there is a map scale available, and also one for heights marked on the map.

To end with

All in all 3DField offers endless possibilities on map making. However, some time needs to be spent to learn how to use the application, so that you get the best result out of it. In case you are thinking of gathering your friends for a round of treasure hunting, or create a map to use on your GPS, give this handy utility a try.

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