3D Issue Professional

Digital magazine designer that allows you to convert custom PDFs to desktop, tablet and mobile flipbooks, and gather social content, blogs and news into a centralized hub.

  • 3D Issue Professional
  • Version :7.2.4
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :3D Issue

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3D Issue Professional Description

3D Issue Professional is an advanced program specialized in creating interactive digital magazines, eBooks, social hubs, as well as branded apps.

What you can do with 3D Issue Professional

First of all, you can convert custom PDFs to desktop, tablet and mobile flipbooks, and publish them to your websites, native apps and readers, DVD, or the tool’s uberfast cloud service.

Secondly, you may bundle social content, blogs and news into a centralized hub. This function is suitable for accessing feeds from Twitter, Facebook and other online platforms from a single location.

The last important thing that you can do with 3D Issue Professional is to create content suitable for native programs for iOS, Android smartphones, and tablet devices.

Clean design

The tool makes a very good impression in the visual department. It sports a straightforward and sleek design that allows you to create a new project or open an existing one. One or more documents can be dragged and dropped directly in the main panel for defining a new magazine.

Help manual and video tutorials are available in case you need to find out more about the program’s capabilities. The multi-tabbed environment helps you set up three key aspects, namely Content, Design and Output parameters.

Prepare your PDF files for publication

You can define the page order, add new pages from other PDF files or remove the selected pages, as well as alter the layout of the PDF (single page, double page or a mixture of both).

The utility lets you set up multiple profiles to be used for quick publishing tasks. A new profile can be configured in terms of name, copyright information, logo or text, domains where the digital editions are hosted to (URL and Google Analytics ID), as well as SEO parameters (name, publication title, description, and keywords).

Customize each PDF page

PDF pages can be personalized with the aid of a thorough set of design parameters related to appearance (e.g. top banner, preloader, intro, theme, drop shadow), interactive elements (e.g. web link, email, comments, audio, animation, Flash, download, and image gallery buttons), plugins (Facebook, Google+, Instagram, RSS, Twitter and YouTube buttons), features (e.g. Fullscreen, Thumbnails, Search, Print), table of contents, zoom options, audio settings, and user login.

Output settings

You are given the freedom to export the project to Flash/HTML5 format suitable for iPhone/iPad, Android or Facebook app, or PDF file format, as well as upload data via FTP connections.

You can preview the projects before building them. 3D Issue Professional eats up CPU and memory so the overall performance of the computer may be hampered. The program needs extra time to build a large magazine.

Rock-solid magazine designer

All in all, 3D Issue Professional manages to successfully integrate a bunch of advanced tools into a user-friendly interface so the creation of digital magazines seems a straightforward process. The app is all worthy of your attention because it provides a diverse set of options for fine-tuning the digital content.

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