360 Browser

A user-friendly browser that features ad blocker and dual engine, while also coming with anti-phishing capabilities to protect you while browsing the web.

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360 Browser Description

Browsers come in many shapes and colors, some have more functions and menus, others are more user-oriented, so everybody has a lot of options to choose from when choosing the default app for exploring the web.

360 Browser is one of these many options, and it belongs to the category of feature-packed, secure browsers that aim to ensure a threat-free environment while visiting websites.

Tabbed browser with built-in ad blocker

The application comes with a visually appealing graphic interface and the most frequently accessed pages are displayed as thumbnails whenever you open a new tab (thus saving the time you would spend in typing their address).

Experienced users can choose to switch between the Webkit engine and the IE one depending on the page they access, whereas novices can leave this choice to 360 Browser that will automatically select the most appropriate one.

A very useful function is the integrated advertisement blocker, that hides all web and popup ads so you can focus on the text, rather than get distracted by the banners or ads.

Browser with anti-phishing functions

Since its main purpose is to provide all users with a secure environment while visiting websites, 360 Browser comes with dedicated filtering for malicious links and also detects and blocks phishing attempts.

This way, you can rest assured that your private data is secure and so you can continue exploring your preferred pages in as many tabs and windows as you please.

It goes without saying that 360 Browser includes other functions present in the well-known browsers, such as bookmark and download managers or mouse gestures support.


To wrap it up, 360 Browser proves to be a noteworthy rival to the popular browser, due to the powerful feature-set it comes with. You no longer need to install extensions to get an ad blocker or anti-phishing protection, since they are already included.

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