321Soft Screen Video Recorder

A handy tool that allows you to record your computer’s entire screen or only a part of it and save it as an .AVI video in real time.

  • 321Soft Screen Video Recorder
  • Version :1.05
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :321soft studio

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321Soft Screen Video Recorder Description

321Soft Screen Video Recorder is a piece of software designed to help users to easily record their computer’s screen for various time periods and to save it as a video file.

Simple, intuitive interface

With this application, users can start recording their screen in no time, courtesy of a lightweight package and fast setup capabilities.

The software comes with an intuitive interface, based on the principle of “what you see is what you get,” as all available functions are displayed on the main window, for fast access. The looks of this app don’t fall in line with the graphics of the modern operating systems, but its functionality is not affected by this.

Just as anyone would expect from a video recording software, the application features a “Start Recording” button, along with the usual “Pause,” Stop,” and “Play” buttons, which ensures that the recorded video can be played immediately, for increased convenience.

Users can take advantage of this software’s capabilities with the help of hotkeys as well, which eliminates the need to open the app each time they want to record their screen.

Set specific recording options

Before getting started, however, users need to choose a name for the output video file, which will be saved in an AVI format.

The software allows users to easily record the entire screen of their PCs, or only specific areas, while also allowing them to choose whether the mouse movement and audio should be recorded too.

Users can also specify the type of encoding that should be used for the output file, and can also choose the audio quality of the video. Moreover, the app allows them to change the default hotkeys to others that suit them better.

Create tutorials or video presentations

All in all, 321Soft Screen Video Recorder can easily prove a great tool for those users interested in recording their computer’s screen in order to create a video presentation or to come up with a tutorial. Support for recording audio is also included, so that users can easily explain what’s being presented in the video.

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